The X-Files 1x01 (1993) | The Fall 1x01 (2013)

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The X-Files + OUAT parallels


Holly Stewart - Watercolor painting.


Holly Stewart - Watercolor painting.

If you fight like a married couple, talk like best friends, flirt like lovers and protect each other like siblings, then you know you are meant to be together.[x]

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Feline Jay : Part 1 


Gail is not a fan of sharing. She hates sharing her cheesepuffs—good thing Holly isn’t a fan of it—but she loathes sharing Holly. In fact, her main motivation of keeping Holly from her friends in the early months of their relationship was to preserve what little time they had together. Thanks to the conflicting schedules and the dedication they both had to their jobs, Gail felt they needed to work on mending their relationship before introducing the friends again.

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thecatsbian wrote:
"Hell yesss;) can't wait to see more of your art! Your snapshots series is an amazing idea, I totally envy your capacity to find the right pictures for making those manips…I get frustrated every time I start googling for images and can't come up with anything…so if you need anything else on the PS side hit me;)"


Thank you! The only thing I can think to tell you when it comes to searching for images is that I am a VERY visual person. Somebody has to only describe something in little detail and I can put two and two together.

Same with the manips. I see an image I want to use (like the one of the first snapshot) and I can nearly immediately come up with what type of images I would need to make the heads, or other body parts fit and make it real enough for people to have a second look. There’s one manip I once did for Buffy/Faith that people were like “when did Sarah and Eliza had a shoot together”.

And sometimes it’s just dumb luck.

And yes, I will definitely hit you up with questions if I have them. Here’s one already… DRAWING… how to make things look like DRAWINGS. like a photograph or something, like a fucking easy way and not having it take me 5 fucking hours ;) I don’t know if you actually know, but I’m still asking hahaha

Also, you hit me up with questions if you ever have them :-) Also for the searching for photos, if you need some help on how to search for them, let me know.

You’re lucky you’ve got your superpower then, the rest of us mortals take hours to find the right image;)

At the moment I really don’t have an easy way to give photos a drawing effect…it will probably include lots of topaz and definitely paper textures, I’ve never actually done something like that but I can promise to look into it.

and here’s a question for you: is there like a gallery of Aliyah’s pictures? I’m into the swan queen fandom and whenever I need a pic of Lana Parrilla I jump into her fan gallery site and stare at all the pretty pictures drooling till I find the right one, but when I was making the rookie blue spin off manip I couldn’t find anything of the sort for Aliyah O’Brien so I wanted to ask if you can suggest a site/blog where to find pics of her? Thank you:)


Since I cannot seem to be able to produce brief explanations…

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