I was tagged by asdotnet (thank you)

  1. Your nickname: people shorten my name in more ways but Vale’s the most used.
  2. Your eye colour: very dark brown.
  3. Your hair colour: brown.
  4. One fact about you: I’m a master at procrastinating
  5. Favourite colour: purple
  6. Favourite place: either my room or the woods
  7. Favourite celebrity: Gillian Anderson
  8. Favourite animal: CATS!!!
  9. Favourite song: lately it’s Landscape by Florence +The Machine
  10. Favourite book: Nightwood by Djuna Barnes…that’s one weird book and I’ve read it in a weird moment in my life…so it’s close to my heart.

aww thanks for those…they made my day and made me very very happy too :)

Gail and Holly: Still Hearts Beat 


Yes. the comic will be up on AO3. So you can subscribe and all that ;-)

Are you too waiting for the big reveal day? Afraid you’ll miss the post on tumblr? Well now you can subscibe to this amazing project even on AO3 and be sure to never lose an update ;)

(btw go send some love to the amazing lady behind this project, she’s pouring so much love and talent on this work it’s inspiring…I assure you it’s going to blow your mind!)


#perfect kisses are perfect

Where do the Officer Lunchbox fans live? 





Alright people where the hell do you live? Just want to know so that we can have an idea where everyone is at!

I live in Maryland, USA

Los Angeles, California , USA 

Yooo, this fandom is world wide though!


France !


Anonymous wrote:
"Hi, I like your blog :D"

And I like you nice anon :)

Here’ a hug for you :D


7z by -Stargazer- on Flickr.


7z by -Stargazer- on Flickr.

hipreplacer7-in-colour wrote:
"I was reading your meet the blogger post and in the things I want to learn you said modding, may I ask what you would want to mod and if that was some sarcasm I was too stupid to figure out"

hi! when I said modding I was referring to video games mods, Skyrim in particular…I’ve made some NPC followers for myself (adventuring with Regina Mills frying stormcloacks in rains of fire is a wonderful experience) and I’ve played around with armor’s textures but I’d love to learn more..I love that game and how it can expand and include new wonderful fanmade creations…I’m not really skilled in 3d modeling or anything of the sort really, but I’d like to learn more about it, when I’ll have time, of course.


This is one of my favourite photos of these two beautiful creatures.


This is one of my favourite photos of these two beautiful creatures.